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Application documentation for watercourse maintenance with exatrek PC application and smartphone app

Environmental protection and species conservation are playing an increasingly important role in watercourse maintenance. In addition to the deployment planning of the necessary maintenance measures, the documentation of the work deployments at the water bodies is becoming more and more important. For a little more than 3 years, the young company "exatrek" has been successfully offering a deployment data management system for the agricultural sector. Now the system has been extended to the special requirements of watercourse maintenance. With the modular exatrek system, the optimal documentation solution can be selected for each application. The central element in the office is the exatrek WebApp. The working machines and attachments are managed here. The water bodies and areas to be maintained can be created manually in the exatrek system or transferred via data transfer. Sections of water bodies or areas that are subject to special observation during the measures can be specially marked. In order to simplify the accounting of the completed tasks, the individual areas or water body sections are assigned to customers or accounting accounts. The completed measures themselves, as well as the costs incurred, such as working time, machine costs, fuel, etc., are thus fully documented.

For drivers, there is the exatrek smartphone app. With its help, tasks can be started and completed with just a few clicks. The machine and attachment selection is used to record which method is used to complete the work. The documentation of the areas on which the machine is on the road is done automatically.

Those operations that want to relieve their drivers of the documentation task can make use of the exatrek T2 telemetry module. This module collects the data provided by the vehicles and equipment and brings them together for automatic documentation of work assignments. In the office, the operations manager can follow the location and work progress of the machines used.

The exatrek-T2 telemetry module is connected to the tractor via the diagnostic socket in the vehicle cab. Different cable sets are available depending on the manufacturer. The system is ready for use after just a few minutes of installation. Data is recorded independently of the manufacturer and sent to the exatrek app on the smartphone or to the web portal. In addition to the operating time and location, the recorded data includes fuel consumption, transport or operating speed, or the PTO shift position. Even the tank level is transmitted to the operations manager in real time. The recorded data is sent to a German server in accordance with current data protection regulations, where it is calculated and stored in encrypted form and only made available to the user again.

Those who would like to test the system can create a test account and try it out extensively for a period of 4 weeks. The smartphone app is available for free download in the Playstore.  

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