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October Update 2020 - exatrek in practical use

Today's farms benefit from ISOBUS data collection in many different ways. Today we introduce you to two farms that benefit from this recording in practice - namely in fertiliser spreading and grain harvesting. We are also celebrating the Europe-wide use of the T2 adapter - EXA goes international!

exatrek records the ISOBUS data of compatible implements and makes it available in evaluated form in the exatrek web portal. In this way, the quantities of fertiliser or commercial fertiliser, crop protection agents and sowing quantities applied are documented fully automatically for each specific field. How this facilitates the work in two specific cases is presented below on the basis of two customer farms:

Practical application Fertiliser application
One of our customers is a large farm with a focus on arable farming, as well as a biogas plant in northern Germany, which recently invested in a new Kotte barrel incl. NIRS sensor. With the new Fertiliser Ordinance 2020 coming into force, the farm has been faced with the challenge of documenting every fertiliser measure within 2 days of application and proving that the nutrient supply has not been exceeded since 1 May. To ensure compliance with the stricter documentation requirements and at the same time simplify the farmer's work, exatrek is expanding its digital solution for fully automatic documentation.

The entire fleet of our customer's company in northern Germany is equipped with a T2 adapter. In this way, the applied quantities of commercial or agricultural fertiliser, crop protection agents and sowing quantities are documented fully automatically for each specific field. This is made possible by the ISOBUS Task Controller on the T2 telemetry module, which retrieves the data from the tractor and implement in the background - without the driver having to do anything. The recorded data is available in evaluated form in the exatrek WebApp on the same day as the slurry application. As proof of work, a PDF report of the measure including GPS track can be created. Since the application quantities are recorded georeferenced by the integrated GNSS antenna of the T2, the sensor values can also be processed into actual value zone maps. Furthermore, key figures such as fuel consumption, operating hours of the machines or the total costs of the work applications are recorded. "Digital solutions are the most effective way to combine the increasingly strict documentation requirements and good professional practice in agriculture in the long term," says Managing Director Dietrich Kortenbruck.

Documentation obligation fulfilled - time expenditure reduced!

Grain harvesting in practice
exatrek is also in operation at a contractor in Schleswig-Holstein, which uses an IDEAL 9T combine har vester from AGCO. Thanks to the combine's ISOBUS compatibility, yield data and grain moisture can be documented fully automatically and geo-referenced, in addition to vehicle data such as driving track, operating hours and diesel consumption. Here, too, the ISOBUS Task Controller is used on the exatrek T2 telemetry module. The online connection avoids the time-consuming and complicated transfer of data via USB stick. Important: If the field boundaries are stored in the system, the yields and average grain moisture are automatically converted to the field.

The geo-referenced yield data can, for example, be used in the next harvest year for optimised site-specific management of the field and thus increase productivity in the company!

Europe-wide use
Started in Hamm, Germany, our customers now include a wide variety of companies from all over the world. We currently have over 1472 digitized machines in Europe, South America and Russia, as well as almost 500,000 ha processed with exatrek. We are curious to see where the next adapter will go online!

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