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1. What is exatrek?
exatrek connects all machines from a farm independent from its manufacturer in one application - a system that facilitates the work of farmers, contractors, machine lessors and the agricultural machinery trade. While the exatrek T1 adapter is used in combination with our software (Android exatrek App), the T2 telemetry module records all machine data fully automatically and without driver intervention. All collected data and evaluations can then be viewed in the exatrek WebApp. With the help of the exatrek system operating hours, fuel consumption, speed and many other data from the tractor can be documented and analyzed. In addition, the GPS data of the individual machine is shared within the fleet and the individual work progress is displayed.
2. How does exatrek work?
The exatrek T1 adapter is connected to the tractor via the ISOBUS InCab. The data is transferred via Bluetooth to the Smartphone/Tablet and analyzed and displayed in the app.

The T2 telemetry module is connected to the tractor via the manufacturer-specific interface and, unlike the T1 adapter, the machine data is transferred to the smartphone/tablet via GPS using a SIM card and then being analyzed. In this way, machine and position data is provided as soon as the ignition is switched on.
3. What does the exatrek system do for me?
"Only those who have all the information at hand can make the right decisions" - To optimize a company's operations, information is needed that can usually only be guessed at. exatrek provides on the one hand exciting data of the tractor, on the other hand an overview of the machines used and the work progress. Above all, the browser portal facilitates various steps within an agricultural business or contracting company: Costs and times can be assigned to specific processes, fields or customers, drivers can be navigated directly to fields and the individual jobs offer the possibility for cost analysis.  
4. Which hardware and software do I need for exatrek?
To use the T1 adapter you need an Android smartphone or tablet with at least Android 6.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). The T2 telemetry module requires no additional hardware or software.
5. How long does it take to install the system?
For the initial installation you should take the time to enter your machines, implements, locations, and users into the app. The T1/T2 adapter is then connected to the machines and paired with the system via Bluetooth. How long it takes to install the system depends on the size of the farm, but should not exceed 2 hours.
6. Do I need an internet connection to use the system?
Yes, an internet connection is required when recording a job. But if there is only a short interruption of the internet connection, the data will still be recorded.
7. Can I import the data into my farm management system?
Yes, we offer an API interface to all farm management systems to allow the import of our data into other systems.
8. How and with which program do I open a silo file?
The downloaded silo file is opened with Excel:
1. On a new Excel page under "Data", select the button "From Text".
2. In the window that opens, select the previously downloaded file. During this process, make sure that "All Files" is selected at the bottom right, not "Text Files", otherwise the silo file will not be displayed.
3. When the data has been selected, a window called "Text Conversion Wizard" will open. Click on the "Next" button in this window.
4. On the second page, under the menu item "Separator", in addition to the check mark for "Tab stop", also place a check mark for "Comma" and again select the button "Next".
5. Finally change the "Data format in the columns" from "Standard" to "Text". This process must be done for each column individually. The columns are selected in the "Data preview" at the bottom of the window. Finally, select the "Finish" button and then "Ok".