Record real machine hours and the processed area of your machines.


Secure billing.

Based on real data.

Perfect for the handling of machine rentals - exatrek documents not only routes but also operating hours and worked areas of your machines.

Locations and routes
In the map you can see where your machines are at the moment or where they were last parked. exatrek offers you an overview of your entire fleet.
Real machine hours
The exatrek adapter records the actual machine hours per order via the manufacturer-specific interface of your machines. This allows you to show exactly how long which tractor was on the road.
Worked area
Your adapter automatically receives the data from the tractor when the machine starts.
The area worked is then calculated by our algorithms and you can see how many hectares were worked and when.  

Your path to the networked machine

Mount T2 module

No tangled cables, no permanently installed telemetry box. The exatrek module offers exactly the flexibility you need in your business. Simply connect our module to the manufacturer-specific interface in your cabin - done! Even rental machines are integrated into your data acquisition within seconds. And the exatrek app also works without machine data, so that you can definitely enter all your tractors into the documentation.

Attach Beacon

Document not only relevant machine data but also attachment data. Attach the Bluetooth beacon to the implement using the enclosed magnets and thus integrate the implements into the automatic documentation. In this way, e.g. application rates or sowing rates can be documented for specific fields.

Full control

Whether working or turning times, road trips or waiting times. The exatrek app automatically records what your tractor is doing during work. Track the location and status of your tractors in the map view. In case of malfunctions, messages can be sent directly to the entire fleet. The exatrek WebApp tells you directly after completion of the job how much the operation has cost. Not only do you find out the total costs, but you can also view them separately according to working time (€/ha), road travel (€/km) or waiting times (€/h). You can calculate future assignments much more accurately on the basis of these values.