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Data interfaces and partners.

Whether field index or accounting program - with exatrek you do not have to miss anything. We present our collaborations:

OP EFRE NRW 2014 - 2020

The European Regional Development Fund - ERDF for short - supports measures that advance innovation, research and technological development, contribute to climate protection or integrate disadvantaged groups. One of the current projects: "Mobile SmartFarmOWL". The project was launched with a group of pilot farms, including EXA Computing GmbH.
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Connecting satellite data with machine data
: MyDataPlant and exatrek

While you manage your fields as needed with the help of MyDataPlant 's application cards, the exatrek T2 module records all relevant machine data fully automatically and without the driver's intervention.
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Zone map: example of usage 
Cenius-2TX ZoneFinder

In cooperation with the company AMAZONE the intelligent linking of the data of Cenius-2TX Zone Finder with the CAN bus data of the tractor has succeeded for the first time.
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Automated field index
with our partner 365FarmNet

With the help of the data interface to our partner 365FarmNet, the automatic field index is now a reality.
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Conversion set "Syren"
Cooperation with Biocover A.S.

The SyreN system from BioCover A.S. offers a solution to reduce the emissions from slurry spreading through the addition of sulphuric acid while improving nutrient utilization.
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The exatrek data interface
with our partner agrirouter

For our exatrek T2 telemetry module we have now released our newly developed agrirouter interface.
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We cooperate, you profit.

With exatrek, we want to provide you with documentation software that covers all your needs. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then send us an email to info@exatrek.de or call us at 02381 8765596.

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