The exatrek team

"Only those who have all the information at their fingertips can make the right decisions!"

True to this motto, we at exatrek have developed a system that connects all your machines on one platform and provides fully automatic documentation.

Our idea

We at exatrek have set ourselves a goal: We want to give you a tool with which you can comprehensively analyze your fleet. What do your operations really cost you and how high is the utilization of your machines? The exatrek system is designed to answer exactly these questions. We want to help you make better decisions and enter the age of smart farming!

Who are we?

We'll be happy to tell you!
Development Manager
Whether it's reliable hardware, huge databases or complex software algorithms - development boss and wunderkind Alex can do it all.
Agricultural technician Dietrich has been involved with the topic of machine data since 2011 and knows the industry like the back of his hand.
Purchasing Manager
Through Richard's supplier network and experience in e-commerce, our customers get high quality products at fair prices.
In 1982 Gerhard supervised the market launch of the 1000 MB-trac. Today he passes on the experience of 37 years in the agricultural machinery industry to us.
Product management and sales
Before release, our farmer Frederik tests each new feature for practicality - this is the only way our products create real added value for the customer.
Tilman develops the right algorithm for every problem - first for several years in the automotive industry and now with us in the agricultural sector.
With his experience in software architecture of large corporations and extraordinary achievements, Hakim likes to keep cows purple.
Claudia loses neither overview nor nerves even with so many bills. She is responsible for finances and administration.

That's our story:

If you have any questions or suggestions,
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